It CAN be done & here’s how

Co-operate Colorado has powerful people, persistence, know-how, leadership and a destined-to-succeed plan. Colorado has an opportunity like we’ve never had before. People are awake about health care coverage problems. We have a wise, compassionate and powerful state senator championing the Colorado Health Care Cooperative. The plan was developed by national and local consultants and advisors with multiple areas of expertise. A federal law, the Affordable Care Act, will support Colorado in creating its own system.
We educate. We organize. We mobilize. In early 2015 we gather petition signatures for a citizens’ initiative. We campaign. Colorado votes. Colorado starts implementation and we burst with pride at our part in creating a health care system that takes care of all of us in Colorado, makes us healthy, keeps health care money in Colorado, creates jobs, lets health professionals get back to healing and businesses get back to work.