House Parties

Hey Let’s Party for Co-operate Colorado!

Having house parties is one of our important strategies for getting the message out about the need in Colorado to get a universal healthcare cooperative on the ballot. It’s also a good way to help the cause and have fun with friends, family and neighbors.

You can help in a BIG way by hosting a house party!!
We are currently scheduling them all over Colorado. Will you give a party?

Please sign up at the volunteer button below or call to sign up for one of our available dates to host a house party for the Colorado Healthcare Cooperative.

Call Lyn Gullette at 303-926-7300, email at to discuss hosting a party and to pick a date.

More Info….
What is a house party?
A host or hostess invites friends and acquaintances to a party at their house to introduce them to the Colorado Healthcare Cooperative and ask them to become a supporter. Co-operate Colorado provides a speaker and attends the party.

Why host a house party for Co-operate Colorado?
This is a volunteer opportunity for you to make a major contribution to the cause. And basically house parties are a lot of fun. It’s a great way to stay connected to old friends, let them know about something you really care about — the amazing work of Co-Operate Colorado.
For Co-operate Colorado it’s how we plan to raise consciousness about the complex issues in healthcare – spreading the word from friend to friend. At a house party we can discuss healthcare issues such as universal healthcare, the new ACA insurance exchange, medical bankruptcy, the runaway healthcare costs and windfall profits of big conglomerates and how the Cooperative can solve that. We usually send one to three people to mingle with your guests and keep the conversation lively.

6 Easy Steps To Putting On A House Party
1. Volunteer to give a house party and set the date with Co-operate Colorado.
2. Prepare the guest list, including friends’ old and new, family and neighbors.
3. Send the invitations.
4. Make invitation follow-up calls.
5. Have the party at your home, a restaurant, bar, community center or church.
6. Follow up with thank-you notes.

Let’s Team Up to Make A Difference
Once you call us and we set a date, we’ll talk about everything. Some of the things you can depend on us to provide if needed are:
• Consultation, suggestions, encouragement and advice
• A speaker/presenter and someone to do a pitch.
• Possibly a volunteer who will come to the party and mingle and chat about healthcare and answer people’s questions in a personable way during socializing time.
• A lawn sign or directional sign if you need it to help people find your house.
• Thank you notes sent to all donors.

Getting your party in our Calendar
We have lots of dates available and we’ll schedule your party at a time that is convenient for you, perhaps an evening or a weekend afternoon. What date will work for you? Consider dates at least 6 to 8 weeks in the future, so there will be time to get invitations out and make the arrangements.

Use our Volunteer button to sign up or Call Lyn Gullette at 303-926-7300, email at to discuss hosting a party and to pick a date.

For more information:
Read All About Co-operate Colorado House Parties then call or email to pick a date.