Social Media Task Force

• Become a volunteer member of the Social Media Task Force
• Advocate for a health care system that makes sense for you and your family, friends, and neighbors in Colorado.
• Learn the details and share your knowledge
• Support the effort to have equitable access to affordable, quality health care for all Coloradans.

The time commitment for the social media team is from 5 minutes to an hour every day, plus an in-person meeting periodically. You can spend as much or as little time as you want every day on social medial from your computer at home. Your task might entail strategies for getting more “likes” on the Co-operate Colorado Facebook page, sharing posts, and communicating with your friends and contacts using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs and other social media.

At  a fun and informal meeting we will make plans, share stories and tips. This volunteer position would look good on any marketing or communications resume.

Whether you are experienced user of social media or just want to learn how, sign up for our Social Media team. Contact Patricia Rice, or call 303-673-9101

Join the Social Media Task Force