Political Action Task Force

Building Support for the Cooperative
in the Colorado Legislature

The Colorado Legislature is now in session, and soon Representative Joann Ginal (D-Ft. Collins) will be introducing a bill to send the Cooperative to the voters as a ballot referendum in Nov. 2015. Rep. Ginal was the House sponsor of a similar bill in the House in 2013 when Senator Irene Aguilar introduced it in the Senate, and she is now Vice-Chair of the House Committee on Health, Insurance and Environment. She’s reaching out to, and educating, her fellow legislators at the Capitol, and we, their constituents, need to reach out to them by phone and e-mail, and at events in their home districts.
When constituents speak, legislators listen, and it doesn’t take many involved and concerned constituents to get their attention. There are 35 senators and 65 representatives in our legislature, and each voter has one of each. Can you help us by contacting your senator and your representative about the Cooperative? We’ll even give you an official title: Legislative Constituent Contact(LCC). And we’ll support you with information, tips, and training if you need it. If you can help, or want to know more , please contact Contact Eliza Carney, eliza@Co-operateColorado.org .