Business Outreach

• Become a volunteer member of Business Outreach

• Advocate for a health care system that makes good business sense

• Learn the details and share your knowledge with the business community

• Support the fiscal health of Colorado, Colorado businesses, and Colorado Families

Methods: Conduct one-on-one meetings with business owners; Bring brochures to businesses; Give presentations to meet-ups, rotary clubs, and chambers of commerce.

Training: There are opportunities to join other members of the Business Outreach Team when they talk to businesses or give presentations. There are also regular training sessions and PowerPoints available to presenters and speakers.

The broader the range of activities you wish to undertake, the more important tact, grace, and skill in written and oral communication become; and the more important you are to the business outreach efforts.

For more information or to volunteer, please contact Co-operate Colorado,

Join the Business Outreach Task Force