Ambassadors General Outreach

Become a volunteer Ambassador for Co-operate Colorado

• Create your own niche in our outreach effort
• Advocate for the good health of every Coloradan
• Support the fiscal health of Colorado, Colorado businesses, and Colorado families

Responsibilities: Ambassadors are Co-operate Colorado volunteers who reach out to groups and people within those groups.

Activities: Depending on the role you choose and how you wish to develop it, Ambassadorships offer everything from doing internet searches for contact information and sending emails or letters to speaking and leadership roles as heads of outreach to specific groups.

Skills Required: Modest computer skills–email, web searching–are essential. The broader the range of activities an Ambassador wishes to undertake, the more important tact, grace, and skill in written and oral communication become.

Assistance Provided: An Ambassador Manual for necessary background information; Training Sessions and Power Points for presenters and speakers.
For more information or to volunteer, contact Co-operate Colorado,

Join the Ambassadors Task Force

Some of the groups you can choose to focus on:
You can join other Ambassadors already at work in Business, Political Parties, and Faith Groups or you can choose your own group:
Businesses • Small Businesses • Large Businesses • Chambers of Commerce
Special Groups: Women in Business, Latino Chamber, etc.
Political Parties • Democrats • Colorado Progressives • Greens• Republicans • Libertarians
Issue-Oriented, Nonprofit, and Advocacy Groups Medical Providers and Organizations
• Doctors • Nurses • Sociologists, Psychologists • Hospitals
Faith Groups Governmental Offices and Agencies
• Mayors • City Councils • State and County Departments of Health •
Educational Institutions • Superintendents of Schools • School Boards • Universities • Community Groups