The bill that Rep. Ginal will introduce in the Colorado House is ready! Download R15-0454.01 For a two page summary Download the summary of HCR15-

One page info sheet

HCR15-xxx has not been introduced yet so the bill numbers are represented by an x until it is “Read across the Table” and receives an official number. HCR15 stands for House Concurrent Resolution, 2015 session which means that the House and Senate would refer the measure to the voters if it passes with 2/3 in each legislative body.
A note to those of you familiar with the Colorado Health Care Cooperative: The proposal has been renamed ColoradoCare because it is less likely to be confused with CoHealthOp, the Colorado Health Insurance Cooperative, and because the shorter name, even if shortened to ColoCare, is less likely to be written as CHCC which has no branding or identifying characteristics. We urge you not to refer to ColoradoCare as CC.

The proposal is improved to make it practical and consistent with Colorado health care and tax policies but ColoradoCare is substantially the same as the Colorado Health Care Cooperative. ColoradoCare will operate as a cooperative-type business in the interests of all resident-owners–just a renamed Colorado Health Care Cooperative.

Download the ColoradoCare Overview
Download the full economic analysis and impact report for ColoradoCare

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