Use Our Health Care Money Wisely

Use Our Health Care Money Wisely

Stop letting vultures take advantage of “pain points” to make money. A cooperative business operates in the interest of its members.

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The Colorado Health Care Cooperative

The Colorado Health Care Cooperative

It would boost the state’s economy, relieve businesses, free medical professionals from paperwork, provide access to health care for each Colorado resident.

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It CAN be done & here's how

It CAN be done & here’s how

We’re taking the fast track now, because we need affordable health care sooner rather than later.

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Together we can:  We need you

Together we can: We need you

By taking action opportunities together we create the future we envision and need. Get involved here.

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Co-operate Colorado has been so successful that it has worked itself out of a job!
On April 15, ColoradoCare became Initiative #20!! ColoradoCareYES became the campaign place to be.
Initiative #20 is a Citizens’ Initiative which will let Colorado voters choose a sensible health care system on the November 2016 ballot. Petition signature collections begins early in May 2015, as soon as the petition packets are printed.
This is too significant, too history-making, too exciting—do NOT get left out. Your work now will be what your grandchildren will brag about when they talk about you.
Go to to join the action.

The Colorado Health Care Cooperative is a financing system that assures comprehensive, high-quality, economically sustainable health care for all Coloradans. It would replace Obamacare with a non-profit, non-government, Colorado solution that exceeds the coverage goals of the ACA, and adds cost containment.
Owner-members would be Colorado residents so the system would operate and respond to our interests rather than those of multi-national corporations.

2015 Colorado county by county health rankings by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and University of Wisconsin population Health Institute (UWPHI) recognizes that clinical care is only 20% or health factors and outcomes. Social and Economic Factors account for 40%.
2015 County Health Ranking Overview
By addressing the systemic problems of health care financing Colorado can improve access, which impacts individuals; total cost which impacts the family, community and state economy; and decrease disparities which are graphically evident in the county by county health ranking information.


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