Use Our Health Care Money Wisely

Use Our Health Care Money Wisely

Stop letting vultures take advantage of “pain points” to make money. A cooperative business operates in the interest of its members.

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The Colorado Health Care Cooperative

The Colorado Health Care Cooperative

It would boost the state’s economy, relieve businesses, free medical professionals from paperwork, provide access to health care for each Colorado resident.

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It CAN be done & here's how

It CAN be done & here’s how

We’re taking the fast track now, because we need affordable health care sooner rather than later.

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Together we can:  We need you

Together we can: We need you

By taking action opportunities together we create the future we envision and need. Get involved here.

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Today!  Hesitate not!  For the 60/200 February 1st goal we need $60,000 and 200 people who commit to collect petition signatures.  We need that to start the drive toward getting the Colorado Health Care Cooperative on the ballot.

To the amazement of some skeptics, we now have 149 signature collectors and $41,058!!  Thanks to all of you. And what a boost we got from those of you who contributed during the $5,000 matching fund drive.

After hearing that we were $20,000 short with only a few days left, a donor who really wants health care for every Coloradan said, “We need to get this on the ballot.  I’ll provide $10,000 in matching funds—doubled and you’ll meet your goal.  Just give it a few more days.”

Can’t turn that opportunity down: Your donation, matched up to $10,000 with new money, date extended to February 14, Valentine’s Day. 

 Why does someone care so much?  It’s exciting to become the state that leads in universal health reform, but this offer came from the heart.

What you can do TODAY:

1.       Today send a donation.  

2.       Today offer to collect signatures in late spring/summer 

3.       Today share about why you care so much


Download the booklet
“The Colorado Health Care Cooperative–How It would Work”

Listen to Phil Maior sing it like it is.

 Thanks for all that you do and all that you give.  It matters.